What is Kundalini Really?

Kundalini is a biological process related to the flight/fight/stress response that rejuvenates the endocrine system and results in magnification of physical and mental energy. What it does is increase your sexual hormones, growth hormones, adrenal/strength and speed hormones while reinvigorating your skin and internal organs. You actually become younger, sexier, and smarter. Many old injuries repair. Some people report increases in psychic abilities too. - Glenn J. Morris - Soke

Basic Hoshin Breathing Manual

Manual of Information, Exercises, and Meditations. Merging the Internal Esoteric Practices of Heaven’s Way Chi Kung, Lightning Path, Swara, Rajah, and Kundalini Yoga.

Meditation Mastery & Esoteric Energy

This is a book about some of the lesser known effects of meditation that have been considered magic or esoteric in western cultures for a long time. If this were the 15th century rather than the 21st this book might be considered a grimoire or collection of spells and practices for gaining power over the material world...


Martial Arts Madness  

Rollicking, irreverent, but serious about traps of narcissism which ensnare practitioners, Morris introduces us to "martial arts madness", a set of syndromes that lie in wait for aspiring Practitioners. While spinning a few outrageous yarns of his own, he brings common sense to the "wild tales" martial artists often weave around their chi experiences.


Quantum Crawfish Bisque for the Clueless Soul  

Dr. Glenn J Morris' last book prior to his passing into the void on April 1, 2006. Building on the foundation of his other books, Quantum Crawfish Bisque for the Clueless Soul acts as a workbook to guide you through the path of self actualization. A must have for anyone!